Explainer Video Script (280 words)

Documents are everywhere these days, laptops, phones, email servers, clouds you name it and sorting through all of this data for legal discovery is a total pain.

Sure you could hire a consultant, but that can take days and cost a fortune and buying a bunch of complicated software and hardware to do it yourself is a total drain on your business there has to be a more efficient and less expensive way to deal with all of these documents, and now there is!

Logikcull is an easy and powerful way to manage documents for discovery from anywhere on any device and there’s no need to buy any special servers or complicated software.

All you need is an internet connection and your favorite web browser. Log into your Logikcull account and upload documents with one-click. Logikcull takes care of the rest and emails you when the upload is done.

Once your upload is processed you can dive right in easily searching tagging, previewing and calling your documents using tons of advanced

search filters. And when you’re ready to export documents for further review in-house or to in requesting party, it’s three super simple steps:

1. Choose all the files you want exported.

2. Choose your download options and

3. Click go. Logikcull compiles all the documents for you and then emails you when it’s done.

It’s so easy those of us…bit more technically challenged can use it. The list of features goes on and on, and the list keeps growing, which means you get to focus more time on the tasks that matter most to you.

So meet your Logikcull choice and start uploading your documents. With Logikcull discover your documents. Anywhere.