Explainer Video Script (191 words)

Everyone’s on social media these days.

Taking photos of their food, following the latest influencers, and… but as a business?

Social can feel like a party you’re not invited to.

Some brands are out there sharing cool stuff, meeting new customers, and growing their business. So why not yours?

With Hootsuite you can join the party with one easy-to-use platform that grows with you and your popularity.

Schedule content in advance and see what’s working across the social networks your customers use.

You can also use Hootsuite with the tools you know and love, like Google Drive, MailChimp , and Dropbox.

Find new customers by joining in with conversations about your brand and automatically boosting your most popular posts to a wider audience.

Easily create and publish stuff people will love by tracking trends and creating amazing content from a variety of sources and stock images.

Then, see the results of your social activity in one easy-to-understand report, based on the numbers that matter to you.

Hootsuite also helps you keep up with social with access to free courses and articles that cover the latest trends, strategies, and tactics. Join the party.