Explainer Video Script (239 words)

Search, it’s our window into the world.

Our favourite apps help us interact with it in ways we never could before connecting us with our friends, helping us decide which new gadget to buy and even finding us answers to life’s most pressing questions.

Your users see your search bar as a conversation with your product, they don’t wanna to have to think about how they should phrase what they’re looking for and… that’s where Algolia comes in.

Algolia provides product teams with a set of building blocks for creating the search experience that your users expect: relevant, personalised, intuitive and fast… really fast.

With instant search results that mean larger shopping cart sizes.

Autocomplete search that helps find answers faster and dropdown menus that know you better than you do.

For developers, Algolia’s easy-to-use API clients intuitive UX tools and integrations mean you can get powerful search up in minutes.

As you scale our dashboard and support helps you identify opportunities to customize Algolia.

You can even integrate your own analytics tools to see how search is affecting your business as a whole.

Algolia’s lightning fast as-you-type experience handles synonyms and it’s typo-tolerant, that means users won’t even notice they spelled Rihanna’s name wrong and still found her latest hits and isn’t that the point?

Because when it comes to exploring the world around us, we shouldn’t ever be held back.

That’s why Algolia is search made right.