Explainer Video Script (324 words)

Everyone has a different personality when it comes to moving into a new CRM.

For instance, the planner.

She figures out where everything’s going to go before she moves the thing.

The minimalist.

Puts in only what he needs and only when he needs it.

And the adventurer.

He throws in everything that could come in handy and figures out the rest along the way.

There’s no wrong way to do it. But before you get started, here’s a look at what Insightly is all about so you can figure out what approach works for you.

Insightly was created by this guy, dealt this mining company in Australia, keep track of its relationships and business processes.

And since then, Insightly has grown to be used by companies of all shapes and sizes in almost every country on Earth, but it’s still just about those two things, relationships and processes.

Together, that’s the heart of every successful business and Insightly is designed to make it stronger, smarter and simpler to manage.

Here’s how Insightly organizes every piece of info about all the people in organizations you’ve ever connected to.

Insightly streamlines communication with mass email templates.

Scheduling automated email triggers and a built-in phone dialer that logs and records are called.

Insightly manages and automates each step of your sales process and projects so everyone on your team knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

And of course, the heart of your business has to connect to everything else you do.

So Insightly lives on all your devices and integrates with your inbox, accounting software, and all the other apps you use.

So that’s what lies ahead, a stronger, smarter, simpler place for the heart of your business to live and grow.

Now, if you’re an adventurer, by all means, start moving in. And if not, we’ve got plenty of videos and articles you can learn from.

Either way, welcome to Insightly.