Explainer Video Script (292 words)

How do you know your plans, pricing and other billing configurations are working the way you want them to. Let’s face it: there are a lot of variables which can affect your customers.

But what if you could speed up system time and simulate how your controls affect these subscriptions, over a period of time?

The Chargebee Time Machine lets you travel through time and see what will happen. in moments. Let’s say you want to configure billing rules to handle payment failures.

First, you want to retry payment collection a few times. Next, you want to send emails for every retry and a final email saying your subscription will be canceled. Finally cancel the subscription when all attempts fail.

How do you test the rules you set? and how do you make sure you send the right email to the right people at the right time?

The Chargebee Time Machine will help you. In your test site after you’ve configured dunning into email rules you can enter the Time Machine.

Choose a period to travel back by. You can then time travel to a future date and Chargebee will simulate everything that will happen in that period.

You can then go to your subscription logs to check if the subscription has been cancelled and if the right email has been sent to the customer.

That’s awesome right? There’s more to it. The Time Machine helps you to: see how your billing cycles work;  observe scheduled subscription actions play out; test different invoicing scenarios; watch your customers transition between subscription states and more.

The Chargebee Time Machine lets you to track the subscription billing is going in the right way by testing your billing configurations under different scenarios with ease and confidence.