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Creating a business that needs to accept and pay out money between different parties is challenging.  You could stitch together numerous third-party solutions to support all the things you need, like verifying recipients, whether they are sellers or service providers, routing payments and reconciliation and you’d still need to dedicate engineers to successfully integrate everything.

But that might not be the best use of precious resources. And let’s not even get into how painful it is to go international. What you want is to focus on building your product and solving for what your customers need, not on payments infrastructure.

That’s why we built Stripe Connect. Connect is software that makes it easy for businesses to accept and pay out money to various parties. Get your recipients verified and signed up quickly and easily, you control the experience from end to end.

We deal with local compliance requirements for your business model to make routing payments easy. Want to allow same-day payouts or set them up automatically every week? You choose when and how often your recipients get paid, and Connect takes care of the rest; no paper checks or manual processes. It’s easy to manage everything straight from the Stripe dashboard.

Growing your business internationally has never been easier. Expand in any of the 25 plus countries where Stripe operates, right out of the box, with one easy integration. No need to spend time or money establishing local subsidiaries. Take advantage of local payment methods and accept more than 100 currencies.

Whether you’re connecting; drivers with riders, babysitters with parents, contractors with homeowners, or virtually any business model that you can dream up, let Stripe Connect handle your payment infrastructure so you can focus on building products for your users.