Explainer Video Script (166 words)

In my office, everyone has demanding schedules. Business lunches, networking events, traveling to meet clients face-to-face, it’s life on-the-go. We love our daily grind. But a life on expenses means endless paperwork and months in the red… And our personal lives shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Rydoo expense takes care of it for us. It gives teams back their time by eliminating the expense report altogether. Instead, real-time expense flows and smart reporting keep the process simple.

One: snap a picture of the receipt.

Two: expenses are checked and approved, in real-time.

Three: they’re reimbursed, fast.

Rydoo expense integrates easily with our work apps, plus regular technology updates give us the best user experience. In the meantime, the finance team gets a real-time view on spending, without the usual headache of local compliance. Because Rydoo expense respects every rule and regulation, wherever we are. That what’s we call smarter working and real-time expensing.

Are you ready to be part of it?