Explainer Video Script (242 words)

Meet Mike he’s a busy web designer who loves his work but doing the accounting for his small business is a nightmare. Like most people Mike is using Word and Excel to keep track of his business but it’s so painful. He wastes hours creating invoices, chasing clients for checks and tracking his expenses manually.

Keeping track of his time is a total chore and his reports are non-existent. One day frustration erupting when Mike saved over an invoice losing all of his work. In agony he declared “There must be a better way!!” and determined he set out to build it.

Mike built a solution that was cloud-based and automated everything so accounting was effortless and easy to do from anywhere. Receipts file themselves hours get tracked and invoices are sent automatically. Clients pay without being chased down, and payments magically show up in his bank account. No matter what device he’s using he’s always just a click or a tap away from his business.

If he’s feeling it yeah I’m feeling it! He can even create and send an invoice right on the spot or snap picks up the tab he picked up while schmoozing his client. Oh wait! What’s that? Just got paid!. 10 years later and over 5 million users strong…that service is called FreshBooks and is the leading cloud-based accounting solution designed exclusively for small business owners just like you. Start your free trial at freshbooks.com today.