Explainer Video Script (166 words)

Administrative tasks with no added-value are frustrating. Filing expense reports or spending hours searching for hotels and flights. Employees and companies deserve to focus on what matters and what brings value. Convincing clients, meeting partners face to face, it’s the essence of business success.

That’s why we decided to build Rydoo.

Rydoo reinvents and simplifies your travel and expense management to just a few clicks and photos.

It brings you closer to your clients and improves the quality of life of your employees. Because we see technology not only as a driver of efficiency but also as an enabler of better ways of working. We ensure travelers and finance teams have more time to focus on what matters. Create value and have an impact.

Our complete solution integrates an intuitive booking service for business travelers with central billing and a unique tool that allows employees to claim their expenses immediately while traveling.

Rydoo – Changing the way we work. Learn more at rydoo.com