Explainer Video Script (188 words)

It turns out that most presentations don’t actually make it to the glory of the big stage, instead there used to lead strategic meetings at work, but we spend more time aligning text boxes, weeding through emails and decoding changes in _finalV39_RMS.pptx than we do actually building alignment and making decisions.

So what if slides were built for teamwork instead of stages. Meet Quip Slides, here to get your team to the right decision faster and without file versions. Every slide is automatically up-to-date, real-time co-editing and built-in chat make collaborations seamless and requesting feedback is as easy as an app mention.

Forget manual updates or copy and paste, add live data from any app like Salesforce to power insights with the latest information.

Keep moment on rolling from any device, anyone can chime in as easily as a text message. When you’re done share your slides early and let interactive prompts do the rest.

Yeah! you can go ahead and cancel tomorrow’s meeting.

Build your next presentation with Quip Slides where decisions are made teammates are aligned and everyone can take action in a click.