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Data is exploding and it’s not just your typical email documents chats and slacks, these days everything is a potential source of data and guess what? It’s all discoverable evidence.

But while the amount of data is growing, the deadlines are getting shorter and the discovery process is getting longer. The typical vendor takes two to four days just to process an email inbox. Their software was built in the eighties and you blame them?.

Oh, and to make matters worse, ediscovery is increasingly risky 80% of the largest firms in the world have been hacked, companies are getting sanctioned, people are losing their jobs it almost sounds like ediscovery help.

So we thought, what if we could give legal teams a discovery tool as easy to use as Google search? what if we could eliminate the risk entirely? what if anyone could start a discovery project in less than five minutes? what if discovery was instant? Logikcull is instant discovery for modern legal teams and businesses with Logikcull you can start a discovery project from anywhere at anytime on any device.

Just drag your data into the cloud-based platform and go.

Logikcull automatically sorts information so you can find what’s important fast. Click on filters to sift through documents or run power searches to pinpoint keywords, with Logikcull you can tag, redact, annotate and share documents with a click.

It will even tell you if a document could be privileged. When you’re ready to produce your data simply click download or send your files directly to a third party using the secure share save feature. Logikcull lets you produce documents the way you want to in any common format or natively.With Logikcull our customer support is second to none.

And your data is always in one secure place so you can sleep easy. So ask us today how we can help or better yet ask our customers. Logikcull.dom instant discovery for modern legal teams.