Explainer Video Script (265 words)

Customer support operations run on a special substance called Institutional Knowledge. When agents take advantage of it, it’s kind of like they know how to do things.

We like to call that know-how. But here’s the problem. You might not be getting all that you can from it.

Agents maybe wasting time repeating themselves. Self-service articles might be at a date, and you lose them know how every time an experienced agent leaves the company.

That’s why Zendesk created Guide a knowledge base that lets you unlock the full potential of your know-how.

Let’s say you run an exotic Fish Company and you use Guide. Your top agent is busy answering a common question in Zendesk support.

In just a few clicks, she turns her answer into an article in Guide. Now she can publish it instantaneously to your Help Center, web widget, mobile app.

Basically anywhere your customers look for info, and even if you create an ocean of content relevant know-how will bubble to the surface straight into the hands of your entire organization, which is especially helpful for new agents.

Guide also makes things easy with answer bot, which responds to customers with recommended articles and can actually solve tickets before agents ever see that.

It’s powered by Zendesk artificial intelligence so the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

When things are running this smoothly, your agents can focus on trickier problems. Zendesk Guide help customers faster, make your support operation more efficient, and get the most out of your know-how. Seriously though, does anyone know how to solve this?