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Your time is valuable and you need to build and ship your app quickly.

Even for the most common capabilities of an app, it still takes time to build, test, debug, and deploy your code.

The Firebase team wants to speed up this process, and that’s why we built Firebase Extensions.

Firebase Extensions are prepackaged solutions that provide extended functionality to your app and they’re written, tested, and debugged by the Firebase team, so you can be sure they work reliably.

So what can an extension do for you? Well, here’s a few we’ve already built.

There’s an extension that resizes images uploaded to Cloud Storage, so your app can assume they’re all correctly sized and optimized for your users. There’s an extension that shortens URLs written to documents in Cloud Firestore, so your app can more easily share and track links. And there’s an extension that automatically sends an email when a document is added to Cloud Firestore, making it easy to stay in contact with your users.

These extensions are just a few examples of the entire catalog available to you today.

Extensions are built on top of Firebase and Google Cloud products you already know, and integrate with other services you already use and they automatically scale up and down to suit the load on your app, powered by Google’s serverless infrastructure.

Deployment and configuration of an extension are performed easily with the Firebase CLI or the Firebase Console and once deployed, they require no maintenance.

So click through to the documentation, browse the catalog of extensions, and see which ones are right for you.

And be sure to check back as the catalog will grow in the future.