Explainer Video Script (344 words)

There once was a time when businesses were built on personal relationships,friendly conversations and handshakes with the norm.

Over the last few decades products and services moved online and as a result customer reach began to grow exponentially.

But sadly this growth came at the cost of the personal relationships these businesses were once built on, and that sacrifice has led to a decline in customer trust and ultimately loyalty.

So we decided to fix this, we built Intercom so businesses can connect with their customers just as they did before but this time at scale, here’s how.

Let’s say Susan visits your website and has a question about your product, it’s easy for her to chat with your team in real time and get what she needs to take the next step.

When Susan signs up you’ll see who she is, previous conversation she’s had, and actions she’s taking in your product and all in real time.

You’ll see a live profile for everyone that signs up for your product, you can filter and segment them to see things like who’s new, user bed to churn, which features people are using and much much more.

With this live data you can send customers targeted emails push add-in up messages based on their behavior, perfect for onboarding new users making announcements and re-engaging anyone who slips away.

You can even start conversations with users to get their feedback.

When users need help Intercom makes it easy for them to ask questions and chat with your team from right inside your web and mobile app.

They can get in touch by email or even social.

You can manage all those conversations in the team inbox, you’ll see the actions your teammates are taking and can assign conversations to avoid overlap.

Best of all Intercom can plug right into the other tools you use to run your business like slack, github and more and that’s how Intercom is bringing back the personal relationship between businesses and their customers online.

Give it a try today.