Explainer Video Script (163 words)

As you adopt new Cloud technology you should be able to leverage your existing data center investments. New solutions need to connect with the existing and make things faster, more efficient, and more flexible.

So how do you plan for future growth while reducing both cost and complexity? The Microsoft Cloud provides hybrid infrastructure and a comprehensive set of capabilities to manage your applications and data.

The result: agile, responsive infrastructure with easy access to Cloud scale and resources.

This helps give your business a competitive advantage so you can accelerate innovation, get to market faster and support new business scenarios.

Windows Azure, Windows Server, and Microsoft System Center provide a comprehensive and deeply connected Cloud platform with the flexibility your business needs.

A Cloud platform that can handle almost anything that comes its way.

Now you can focus less on infrastructure and more on the strategic needs of your enterprise.

This Cloud can help your business transform. This is the Microsoft Cloud.