Explainer Video Script (245 words)

It’s remarkable how quickly the world has changed. Technology has allowed us to work faster and smarter and keeps us more connected than ever before.

But certain tools are stubbornly stuck in the past.

If you run payroll and take care of your team, you know this all too well.

The paperwork, multiple systems to manage and complicated HR jargon.

Good news, there’s a better way!.

Hi, we’re Gusto, payroll benefits and HR for the modern busy workplace.

To start, we’ve automated the hard stuff, like taxes, deductions and time off balances.

They are calculated automatically because payroll benefits and HR are in sync.

With just a few clicks, your employees are paid and receive detailed digital pay stubs right in their inbox.

As your company grows and changes were there with you, easily add benefits like health insurance, 401k, commuter and more.

We’re here for your team too. Each employee gets a login so they can easily manage their information themselves, which means fewer questions for you, and a happier team.

And when someone new joins, onboarding is paperless, and effortless.

But if you do run into more complicated tasks, we have a team of friendly experts who can help.

With Gusto you’ll spend less time running payroll and managing benefits and HR.

So you’ll have more time to focus on all the other things on your plate.

Ready to switch to payroll that’s built for the way you work?

Get started with Gusto.