With this explainer video, Groove increased its conversion rate by 11%. There's even a blog post "How We Created a Product Explainer Video That Actually Got People to Buy”, in which Groove's founder Alex Turnbull explains in great detail all the steps they've taken, including scripts, storyboarding, etc. If you want to dive deeper into explainer videos, there's a great blog post by online marketing guru Neil Patel with "The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Killer Explainer Video". And this explainer video infographic gives you a quick overview.

Explainer Video Script (278 words)

Here’s a problem: as your small business grows, relying on your email inbox to manage support gets really tough.
It’s impossible to work together with your team, you lose track on emails, and your customers’ issues start to slip through the cracks.
So you switch to a “real” helpdesk.
But most helpdesks are way too complicated. They’re packed with tons of features that you’ll never use, and their complexity means that you spend more time setting up and figuring out Macros and Triggers than you do working on your business.
That’s not okay either.
We were tired of trying to keep up with Gmail and struggling with the complexity of our helpdesk.
That’s why we built Groove. A Simple Help Desk that lets you and your team deliver awesome, personal support to every customer.
Groove is as simple as email while making it easy to work together with your growing team:
• Assign support messages to coworkers
• Add private notes
• See who’s replying to what
• Automate your workflow with easy-to-setup rules and labels
• Capture emails, phone calls, Tweets, and Facebook posts all in one place.
Groove is easy for you, and easy for your customers. They’ll never have to log in or become a “ticket number” to get help.
The price is simple: just $15 per agent per month, with no limits to how many customers you serve.
Plus, you can choose from more than a dozen free add-ons and third-party integrations to expand your helpdesk.
See for yourself why more than 2,000 companies use Groove to create loyal customers.
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