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Building, testing and releasing a new software product or update is expensive and when you’re integrating multiple tools and tool chains, a large part of effort can be wasted on just maintaining your toolchain.

When your delivery team spend their time on your toolchain and dealing with the islands of data and aggregations, they’re not working on what’s really important.

Solving business problems. As a result, even if you embrace DevOps, you may not be delivering software as fast as you could be. Luckily, there is a  better way.

GitLab replaces your entire tools stack with the single application. For planning to creating, releasing to monitoring, GitLab covers the entire DevOps lifecycle with no need to waste your time and money on integrating maintaining disconnected tools and data.

With GitLab, all your teams can collaborate on project simultaneously avoiding those handoff that slow everything down. For DevOps lifecycle that’s 200 percent faster.

What’s more? Everyone can contribute to this open source application so GitLab is continuously improving. Ready to unite your teams with the workflow that reduces friction and shorten cycle times?

Try GitLab, today!