Explainer Video Script (243 words)

In the good old days, a pharma field rep and a doctor regularly talk to one another. Today, healthcare professionals are part of complex networks. They demand high quality, relevant content that’s available when and where they want it. At the same time, pharma companies have become more complex.

Many different individuals and teams need to work together to provide a consistent experience for the customer. As with other industries, digital transformation is underway. It changes the opportunities for how pharma interacts with HTTPS.

Yet this also poses challenges to ensure that the right information is communicated. And that interactions over time are well orchestrated. There is a solution, Multichannel Veeva CRM, an end to end solution for creating tailored customer interactions. Engagement with HCP has expanded beyond face to face to include various other channels like email, phone and web.

The key is to ensure well orchestrated communication, and compliant interactions across all channels. Deliver a personalized experience to your HTTPS, while saving cost and providing complete visibility across stakeholders. Plan your approach, deliver relevant and timely information to the right customer.

See how customers engage with your content through content tracking, and clickstream data. Feedback loops. How often they open email and click through rates. Get actionable insights right in CRM to drive more informed decisions, enabling you to adapt and improve your strategy gaining competitive advantage from your CRM. Multichannel Veeva CRM. For more information, visit veeva.com/eu/crm.