Explainer Video Script (324 words)

Remember how you felt walking into work on the first day of a new job? Excited, eager and ready to get started. It is the responsibility of the IT and facilities team to make sure that everything is ready, right from your workstation, ID card network access and more. To get all these there is usually a lot of back-end processes and conversations among HR, reporting managers and IT teams

This often causes unnecessary delay and interferes with the productivity of the teams involved. It is time to hit refresh on onboarding with Freshservice.

Introducing New Employee Onboarding, a feature that allows HR teams reporting managers and IT teams to seamlessly collaborate with each other and efficiently onboard new employees.Let’s take an example. Jessica is a new hire who is joining as a web developer.

HR initiates the onboarding request from the self-service portal. The request is sent to Jessica and her reporting manager Mark. Mark will fill in details such as the type of workstation needed, services Jessica should have access to, software required etc.

On the other hand, Jessica will fill in personal information such as emergency contact details, address etc. Once this is done parent and child tickets will be created in Freshservice and will be assigned to the IT team for a service request fulfillment. Let’s see how easy it is to set this up.

1. Configure the onboarding forms for the HR reporting manager and the employee

2. Configure the parent and child ticket forms that are to be fulfilled by our IT teams and voila! You’ll be able to onboard new employees at a fraction of the time.

Here is what new employee onboarding will enable you to do collaborate better with stakeholders, improve efficiency and enable employees to be productive from day one. Increase employee satisfaction. With new employee onboarding enable your HR team to focus on important strategic initiatives, while IT effortlessly delivers a great employee experience.