Explainer Video Script (240 words)

A variety of industries rely upon the power of steam but throughout extensive systems of piping, lies a costly concern, steam traps.

Roughly 20% of steam generated is lost due to leaking steam traps and worse with that a regular trap maintenance process in place 15 to 30% percent will fail each year unaddressed failure that’s a considerable train to operating costs and can result in expensive downtime, shutdowns, employee harm and legal exposure increased CO2 emissions or even an explosion.

Unfortunately with limited resources and hundreds or thousands of sprawling traps in difficult to access locations, it’s clear how challenging and costly manual inspection can be that’s why many are turning to automated sensors to report critical information but today’s wireless sensors require batteries and that means replacement costs that force you to simply trade one maintenance event for another until now.

Everactive ESP platform enables a complete and continuous monitoring solution, our game-changing self-powered sensors run entirely on harvested energy removing the need for batteries.

Installation couldn’t be easier, attaching the system in minutes without any tools or invasive connections- Now sit back while Everactive sensors wirelessly transmit insights to you customer dashboard where you can view status reports, receive alerts, monitor costs and schedule work orders to dispatch personnel only when and where they are needed.

So forget about painstaking audits and battery maintenance and deploy our cost-effective solution today-

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