Explainer Video Script (337 words)

Every business has its own unique language, it’s made up of the metrics you use to track how you’re doing whether it’s lifetime customer value or net revenue or usage stats for your product.

These metrics are critical to understanding your business but sometimes not everyone speaks the same language. People use different data or define metrics differently and when people don’t speak the same language it leads to miscommunication and frustration.

Looker can help! With Looker data analysts catalog the language of your business using LookML the innovation at the heart of looker. LookML gives analysts a way to get all their knowledge about what your data means out of their heads and into looker.

Once that knowledge is in Looker everyone can access it without waiting for an analyst’s help and they can use the business terms they are familiar with. No technical skills required.

LookML is built on SQL but rather than trying to reinvent the wheel LookML refines and improves it that makes LookML easy to learn and familiar to anyone who knows SQL. LookML keeps all of the great things about SQL its power, its flexibility, its precision, it addresses all the things that can make SQL so frustrating.

Unlike SQL where you write a query once and then throw it away LookML is reusable. So you can transform simple metrics like price and cost into gross margin.

Transform that into profit margin and so on. Writing SQL is usually a solitary activity but LookML is collaborative.  SQL lives in a mess of files on your desktop. LookML is organized because it’s real code and like all code should be its version controlled.

So everyone in your company in every department and every role can ask questions of the data but with Looker you know they’ll get trustworthy answers and all thanks to LookML,  so if you are ready to get everyone speaking the same language let us show you what LookML and Looker can do for your business reach out today.