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In a world where everyone is increasingly dependent on the Internet our growing use of technology exposes all of us to cyber threats that put data and information at risk. Every day hundreds of organizations large and small fall victim to a cyber attack. No one is immune and the reputational, operational and financial costs of businesses is huge.

Organizations typically focus their cybersecurity defenses on technology and processes but it is the human factor your people and those to whom your business is connected that can have the biggest impact on reducing data and privacy breaches.

In fact, with staff and partners that better understand the threats and have the knowledge and skills to improve their personal cybersecurity practices up to 75 % of breaches could be prevented. The question is how can businesses change their cybersecurity culture and online behavior to significantly reduce risk? And how do those responsible assure themselves that what they are doing is working and worthwhile?

Introducing CybSafe a premium Learning of assurance tool carefully designed to enhance individual and organizational cyber security awareness and driver culture of good practice and inform decision making by changing people’s behavior, measuring the impact and understanding your risk.

CybSafe has been produced by a team of behavioral psychologists, IT security specialists, educational experts, cyber specialists, cyber crime investigators, national security experts and business leaders. All specialists with unrivaled expertise in complex human networks.

It has been designed to change the behavior of those with access to your data and information through topics and examples that span a broad range of online activities at home, work or play. And it’s delivered in a format that is easy and quick to use on any device covering the fundamentals in short bite-size chunks.

CybSafe is much more than a standard employee e-learning tool, it encourages and measures retained learning to help you quickly identify and understand the people related cyber security vulnerabilities your business carries and track how these change over time, which means CybSafe is a strategic tool that delivers invaluable insight and decision support analytics.

Through training and measurement it helps you to mitigate risks before they manifest themselves as cyber and information security breaches, which in turn enables you to strategically target your resources to best effect.

As an accredited and certified cyber security product that targets the human factor CybSafe provides your people and your business with a fundamental knowledge that is needed to keep safe online. It is the most effective way for you to drive positive change in behavior and complete your cyber defenses. Take greater control of your cyber security. Get CybSave