Explainer Video Script (202 words)

You’re a commercial real estate broker, your client is looking for a 20,000 square foot office downtown, so you scour the market and finally find the perfect space… but wait, how much should the other tenants pay?

You check your records for info about other leases than building, these are called comps they include all the relevant deal information like tenant name, address, rent and square footage.

But all of your comps are outdated so you try to trade with your broker friends and they have comps but not the ones you need. What now?

You try CompStak, simply share your comps with us in exchange for points then search the comp you need, filter the results however you’d like and that’s it!

At CompStack we gather our data from many real estate professionals like brokers, appraisers and researchers and our whiz-bang technology combined with analyst reviews of every comp ensures data integrity and quality and thanks to our point system you don’t even need a bank account.

Using all that data we build a complete and reliable picture of the marketplace compiling valuable information for investors, owners, brokers, appraisers and researchers.

CompStak share the comps you have to find the comps unique.