Explainer Video Script (171 words)

Today all industries have a presence on the web and automobiles are no exception.

When it comes to browsing on an automobile website it should look and perform like any other e-commerce makeup or fashion website. For example, Matt knows exactly which car he’s looking for the latest super innovative models.

But when he lands on the first page of the website he is surprised by the results. At this point one out of every two users leaves the website.

He finds other results and chooses another website. This time he enjoys his effortless browsing so much that he filled out a contact form.

Now the car dealer has a new lead with which to get in touch.

Stop losing potential customers to other websites with better UX turn the 1 percent of users who contact you into 99 percent engaged visitors.

A user interacts with visuals is 130 percent more likely to successfully complete a contact form.

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