Customer Testimonial Video Script (267 words)

Carmax is the nation’s largest retailer for used cars. We have about 200 locations, we’re a fortune 500 company and we have over 25,000 associates some of the best in the industry.

When companies talk about people first they are usually referring to their customers. At CarMax people first is how we take care of our associates, how we take care of our customers and how we take care for communities.

Great culture is no longer an option it is mandatory, it is not a spreadsheet activity, and in our view good culture is simply good business. Technology plays a huge role in creating and cultivating a good culture.

At CarMax we have over 50% Millennials in our workforce so these Millennials are digital natives. They used to of simple easy technologies in their personal lives, so when they come to work they expect the same. Workday actually enabled us to give them tools that are intuitive, simple and seamless.

Workday is cloud first and they also mobile first so that fits very nicely to a my strategy of cloud first and mobile first.

Being on the first run and the best place to work is a really important to us and Workday being a lot of fortune on this place work is it’s good for us because we feel like we have lot of cultural alignment, we share a lot of the same values and world is interested in our success.

We’re looking for a partnership with a company that is innovating all the time, it is on a platform they’re focusing on user experience, and Workday is that company.