Customer Testimonial Video Script (443 words)

-Kasey Hogland: You know, most of the time when clients call us and they found us, they tell us that they found us on Google and from there, you know, they found three or four other companies and they usually tell us they chose us because of our reviews and they got to read the reviews there were so many five-star reviews and then ultimately the reviews were one of the decision-making factors.

I am Kasey Hogland I am the Director of Marketing with Williamson Foundation Repair.

One of the biggest benefits for us as a foundation repair company using BirEye has really been simplifying the process for our clients to provide us an online review.

We really want to share who we are and why our customers should do business with us and the reviews have really helped us tell that story and share, you know, that we’re honest and that we’re trustworthy and the experience that they’re gonna have as a customer so BirEye is really helped us be able to tell that story.

32% of our customers find us online and so they may go into Google they may go to a Better Business Bureau but at the end of the day they all read our reviews and so you know it really makes a huge impact on our business.

And so those reviews really help paint that picture for us being able to allow our clients to share their experience that they had working with Williamson.

BirEye is very easy to use, the dashboard is very clean there’s not a lot of nonsense on there, it’s really what you need and makes it easy to work through and easy to train other employees on.

So the web type feature was one that winburn I first came to me and presented it really thought man ‘I’m a foundation repair company I don’t need web chat’ and, you know, they just really encouraged me to try it and I’m so glad that they did.

Not only has it helped us be able to get back with our clients quicker and so from a customer service and a new business perspective it’s really been a great feature to our business and now I can’t imagine not having it.

BirEye has been a excellent addition to our business, it has really helped us tell the story of who we are online and at the end of the day that’s what we’re all really trying to share is who we are as a business and why our clients should choose us and BirdEye  really makes it a simple process to help us share that story.