Customer Testimonial Video Script (341 words)

-Katie Lynch: When I saw Logikcull in a matter of ten minutes I knew it was a solution that we needed to use. We were using a different solution it was really cumbersome not intuitive.

My company decided to work with Logickull because I made the business case that we needed it.

-Laszlo Kupan: My company decided to work with Logickull because we’re looking for a quick and efficient solution to evaluate cases.

-Mooni Patel: We were just looking to simplify the whole e-discovery process and make it a little bit more our own.

-Laszlo Kupan:Our in-house legal team uses logical for discovery subpoena responses and internal investigations.

-Claire Dekar: Initial investigation, litigations where we have one or two individual plaintiffs, employment cases.

If we have HR matters where we need to look into individuals, emails, we’re also starting to use it in cases where we have whistleblower complaints as part of an internal investigation for that as well.

-Laszlo Kupan: Logikcull instant discovery has helped me quickly evaluate cases so that I can better keep management up to speed on potential risks of the company.

-Katie Lynch:The best part of Logikcull is the team is so responsive to the customer’s needs.

-Mooni Patel: How easy it is, super simple!

-Laszlo Kupan: The best part about Logikcull is the ability to do discovery on a self-serve model.

-Claire Dekar: Logikcull helps me meet the demands facing my in-house legal department by giving us an effective way to reduce costs and still do our job efficiently, and it helps us internalize a lot of things that we wouldn’t normally be able to.

-Mooni Patel: Logikcull has allowed me to empower my team to have a stronger hold of their litigation practices.

-Claire Dekar: Do more work in less time.

-Mooni Patel: Protecting my company’s data by giving us more control over it.

-Laszlo Kupan: By creating a central repository for discovery.

-Katie Lynch: I would recommend Logikcull to anyone looking to reduce outside legal spend and do things more efficiently.