Customer Testimonial Video Script (356 words)

My name’s Hunter Walker, I’m the chief technology officer for the Atlantic Research Group (ARG) base CRO based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Atlantic Research Group is a small CRO, we specialize in rare disease and oncology clinical trials. We were founded in 2004.

ARG’S vision really is to be the best rare disease CRO and to service our clients accordingly. We think Veeva will help us do that by gaining those efficiencies within the clinical trials landscape by integrating the different applications into a single suite.

I believe in the Veeva platform. We started out using the eTMF platform, I saw where Veeva delivered on their multi-year updates and we felt comfortable with that platform and felt comfortable moving into the different applications such as CTMS, eventually EDC, and hopefully safety.

To me the CTMS is the hub of the clinical operation piece, it’s the place where everyone wants to go first to get the pulse of the trial from an operational standpoint.

Our implementation of vault CTMS plus the eTMF went very smoothly, we completed that in three months. One of the benefits we’ve realized from switching from the CTMS and the eTMF is the integration between monitoring reports and the trial master file, this is something that was done manually before but now these reports are dropped automatically into the appropriate folders and binders.

One of the advantages of the vault CTMS was the multi-year updates that happened, Veeva is constantly innovating their platform and constantly delivering new features and that was very attractive to us.

I think the CTMS can play a role with data exchange, with our sponsors simply because the data exchange network that Veeva has will facilitate that process, not just for sponsors who have Veeva products but those who don’t.

One of the things that’s changed the most at the Atlantic Research Group in the last five years is the complexity of the clinical trials, that’s the one thing I’ve noticed and we’ve recognized pretty early that we needed to be nimble in our applications and our thinking and this is how these new technologies are helping us do that.