Customer Testimonial Video Script (387 words)

-Jack McGarry: One of the great pieces about working at Unum, is we really do have a high social purpose I mean we protect people when they are at their most desperate. People who have lost their jobs or can’t work because of accident or illness, our goals are to make it simple to deal with us to be empathetic and support people as well as giving a financial support to get through what oftentimes is the most difficult points in their lives.

The insurance industry has always been a moving industry, there are always new products coming onboard, there’s new methods of distribution, enrollment, servicing.

-Steve Mitchell: We’ve always been forced to think about being competitive and providing the best value so we think a lot about how can we have a better process, how can we have a better set of tools.

-Jack McGarry: The investments we’ve made in Anaplan by consolidating our tools has allowed us to be more efficient, that’s a great benefit to a finance organization because what that does is free time to really analyze what’s going on. We have really smart people discovering new connections in how we should respond to them as a company.

-Steve Mitchell: I use Anaplan and go in and see what’s the status there I find it a very efficient way to go in and look at either aggregate for the businesses that I’m involved with or decompose it into specific businesses.

It makes my team more efficient because I don’t have to ask them to gather that for me and hopefully it makes me more efficient because I can ask better informed questions.

-Jack McGarry: The most important thing I do is to prepare the future of this organization that means making sure that we have the right people making sure that they get the breadth of exposure to the organization.

-Steve Mitchell: So having a modern tool set like Anaplan where they can do so much with it and change roles without having to learn a whole new technical platform really important and takes away a barrier to helping that folks with that development

-Jack McGarry: Anaplan has been a great leap forward for us increasingly that value isn’t driven by knowing how things work it’s driven by knowing how things work together.