Customer Testimonial Video Script (511 words)

-Grant Stewart: We wanted a company that could kind of handle everything, you know, payroll being the biggest one. Moving with Ultimate really helped us achieve a lot of  efficiencies when it came to electronic and so forth. It saved us a lot of time with the payroll aspect of, you know, processing payroll and a lot of great additions like the onboarding, you know, the paperless automated aspect of it.

-Rodney Whitmore: I view human resources and the MFA is responsible for ensuring that we’re getting more than our fair share of the best talent and in our market. Not only attracting the very best individuals in our market but that we’re doing that the work that’s required to prepare leaders to engage those individuals once they join the organization.

Develop them and then reward them. Over the last three years we’ve done an awful lot to really strengthen our talent acquisition system and processes UltiPro being the backbone of all of that.

-Pablo Brizi: We use a lot of I would say succession planning, the performance management. So now for example a manager can see the performance over time of a person, what was the progress of that person in the company, different jobs that that person had. So it all helps on that talent management piece that is so important.

-Colleen Wood: In the future we will, first of all, continue to run the perception tool that was a valuable tool that our employees have found to be able to share their feedback with leadership. Our leadership team showed them that they were listening and making changes that they, you know, could pass along to employees.

One of them is around internal communications and another around training and development helping our employees focus on career development getting better at their jobs, things like that.

-Pablo Brizi: Ulti was imagined culture. We are a founder-inspired company called Ulti’s a founder’s inspired company. We take care of our people, Ulti takes care of their people and we take care of our customers and Ulti takes care of these customers. So that was a good match.

-Jordana Kammerud: We have a rich culture a rich heritage a 130 year company, and family is one of our key values and when you walk into an organization anywhere in the network of Core-Mark you can feel that you can feel people care about each other.

So for us culture and retaining that feeling is very important and our partners when they have that same culture that means something to us, that means we can invest in that partnership it’s a long-standing partnership, because then I know their product development is going to be around how do we engage people, how do we help people, how do we develop people, how do we gather the right insights and analytics to make sure that those things are happening in an organization.

So if I know you guys are dedicated about that for your own people I know you’re gonna be dedicated for my team.