Customer Testimonial Video Script (277 words)

We make up the largest sofa specialist in the UK. Sofology sells its sofas through the retail stores, online and then over the phone as well, to our customers.

I realized that we could be doing things better that made me look to market and then we made the decision to move to Exponea.

Migration wasn’t going to be a problem because of how quickly we can integrate as well.

Make more money, make my bosses happier, make me happier. A win-win situation.

We want to make sure that we’re putting the money in the right place, and serving the right customer with the right message at the right time. We want to produce a lower acquisition cost for our customers.

Another important goal for Sofology is to have a true Single Customer View. Once we’ve migrated to the Exponea platform we are going to have all of our data sources in one area to be able to make the right decision.

Understanding the connection between the offline activity with the online behavior whether or not a customers already been onto our website, had to look at our products and then if they go into store how can we connect that person and understand relate to?  That then translates into the online conversion.

The kind of best thing that I think about Exponea is that they really understand all the detail, they really kind of practice what they preach around the personalization level.

I didn’t feel isolated that they were my challenges, they were also Exponea challenges for Sofology. So it’s by working together that we could propose the solution and then work on implementing the platform.