Customer Testimonial Video Script (399 words)

-Marc Fenner: There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a room when you’re in a time-crunch.

-Addi Mcclure: I absolutely remember what it was like before we had Teem, and having executives run up to me in a panic, begging me to find a conference room for them.

-Mark Schooley: It was, you know, very much wild, wild west.

-Marc Fenner: There’s also nothing more frustrating than, one, you double book a room and you start arguing in front of the room who actually booked the room.

-Dana Donaldson: Teem, and the conference room solution in general has saved all of us a lot of time.

-Marc Fenner: We had just installed Aruba Bluetooth beacons throughout our office building. And we wanted to make sure that the solution that we picked was able to deliver a well integrated experience.

-Addi Mcclure: People really loved the maps feature when we first put up Teem. Because they even knew which direction to walk.

-Marc Fenner: Really liked how Teem was able to customize the displays of the iPads to really incorporate our culture.

-Mark Schooley: So our recapture rate here at Box is about 20%, which means the more productivity, because it means that we’re making more rooms available for Boxers to be able to collaborate in.Teem fits in very, very well with our entire IT technical stack. We are able to, essentially enroll all of our devices very, very easily, and then be able to manage them all through one centralized admin console, no matter where our IT team was.

-Marc Fenner: When we heard that Teem was working with Amazon on Alexa use cases, we were excited and jumped right on it. Voice is definitely the next big trend.

-Dana Donaldson: Analytics have shined, really, a big light on how our meeting rooms are used. We used to have a lot of concern in the company about how there weren’t enough rooms. And that kind of helps us decide whether or not to use features like the ghost meetings and zombie meetings that Teem offers.

-Marc Fenner: Here at Box, Teem really helps us bring people and rooms together. And make sure that their utilization is maximized.

Paul Chapman: At Box we have a focus on workplace productivity. While using Teem we’ve been able to take the work out of work by creating digital seamless experiences for our employees.