Customer Testimonial Video Script (150 words)

If you manage a team, you have to try is a platform to track everything your team is working on.
We use it for all our projects: marketing, product development, HR, creative productions.

I love because it’s totally customizable.
And that’s something I couldn’t find in any other management tool.

I can choose what information I want to track:
Project owners, statuses, deadlines… Which means more time for actual work.

I tried managing everything we’re doing in spreadsheets, it was a nightmare.

Now, we have a tool that’s easy to use.
It’s given us the confidence to take on more complex projects.

There’s so much you can do: filter through data, get breakdowns of information
and see highlights from across departments.

It gives a sense of “everything falling into place”.

Seriously, if you manage a team, you need to use