Customer Testimonial Video Script (305 words)


Robert Else: I love coming to work, I love coming on campus.

The campus is teeming with students all trying to succeed in their educational goals.

Santa Barbara City College is a two-year Community College. We offer associate’s degrees and helping students progress through basic skills courses.

Bridgett Milner: College is this great place for students explore and find themselves and I get to work making it that place even more amazing.

IU (Indiana University) is a big midwestern university. My job is monitoring and ultimately proposing courses of action to help become a more amazing place.

Ideally, we’re recruiting and enrolling a great class that then graduates.

Robert Else: our main tool in doing this is looking at data that shows us where students are progressing and where students are getting stuck.

I’m convinced that having Tableau contributes to the success across the campus.

Bridgett Milner: the biggest surprise was how easy it was to use. . .

Robert Else: right away, we build things that were useful and revealing and for a small department like ours that’s huge.

Bridgett Milner: putting that data in and uncovering trends easily, things that used to take us hours now often take us mere seconds.

Robert Else: we can say: “well, let’s change this filter. . . “

Bridgett Milner: “. . . pull the field over. . .”

Robert Else: “ And there’s the answer.”

Bridgett Milner: I attend weekly meetings with our leadership team, having a tool where we can easily break things apart when we’re making the decisions is powerful.

Robert Else: you break down silos and see the college as a whole, which any organization really ought to be doing.

Bridgett Milner: we’re uncovering new ideas all of the time about how we might do things better.

Robert Else: Tableau has helped the school to make better decisions that affect student’s success.