Customer Testimonial Video Script (304 words)

-Nicholas Bee: My name is Nicholas Bee, I am the Manager of Support Services for Swinerton Incorporated.

-Lauren Nunnally: My name is Lauren Nunnally I am the Director of Support at Swinerton Builders.

-Chris Zargarbarshi: I’m Chris Zargarbarshi I’m a Tier 2 Technical Support Analyst at Swinerton Builders.

-Nicholas Bee: Swinerton is a large general contractor. We’ve been in business since 1888 and just celebrated our 127 anniversary.

We chose Freshservice because it was much more user friendly and it was focused on that side but also it had the ITIL background.

-Lauren Nunnally: Freshservice has a really great interface it was just easy, it was simple

-Chris Zargarbarshi: Honestly I really like the gamification of Freshservice. I like that it kind of makes teammates competitive and ultimately it ends up making more work it done.

-Nicholas Bee: I think the Service Catalog has made a big impact to the users, they’re able to see what they can offer being such a large and spread out company.

Some divisions may know that we offer this and some divisions may not, but having them in the Service Catalog means everybody can see it.

Users have really enjoyed Freshservice, we’re getting a lot more user feedback since we switched to Freshservice so much so that it went from point four percent feedback response to about a twenty five percent response every month.

Setting up rules in Freshservice has been really easy the whole admin console just kind of makes sense, there’s not a lot of training that needs to occur everything is pretty much self-explanatory.

-Lauren Nunnally:We keep data on how many knowledge articles and videos are watched a month I mean it’s an exponential curve.

-Chris Zargarbarshi: Freshservice is like a breath of fresh air. I’m impressed with the speed, organization and just how simple everything else.