Customer Testimonial Video Script (407 words)

-Adam: So, six months ago I got an email from Stewart Butterfield he wants to talk about making a video for his new thing Slack it would change the way teens communicate.

Change the way teams communicate…

I told him my company runs entirely on email and Dropbox we were doing just fine.

-JP: Yeah I guess we had a system I would email with Adam and text with Shadie.

-Claude: JP and I would G chat.

-Shadie: And I would mostly hold my meetings in the utility closet.

-Sabrina: And I was new so I didn’t talk so much.

-Adam: This wasn’t sustainable if I wanted my company to grow and something had to change, so yeah, we tried Slack.

-JP: Slack lets us do all our communication in one place it’s like combining multiple forms of messaging and file sharing into one app. Adam is pretty much in love with it.

-Greg: You made channel Slack which is perfect for discussing specific topics and groups depending on who needs to be in on the conversation.

-Let’s try one a little less goofy.

-Greg: Copy that.

-Sabrina: One thing I like is that we can send all kinds of documents right in the app you can just drag and drop.

-Claude: Slack integrates with Dropbox which is amazing because we use Dropbox for everything.

-Samantha: Slack supports lots of other integrations to everything from Asana, Google Hangouts, JIRA, papertrail, pingdom, PivotalTracker…

-Adam: A link to an audio player like SoundCloud extends in line so listening to it couldn’t be easier.

-Samantha:  AppSignal, Bitbucket, bugssnag, Build box.

-Lauren: Slack just looks really cool like something you’d actually want to use and with the mobile app we can slack anywhere from home at the office.

-Shadie: I like that Slack always keeps my place, I can switch from my laptop to my mobile and I never miss a thing.  Is this your card? yes!

-Roxana: What I love about Slack is how it connects the team with direct lines of communication business.

-Adam:  She uses it to send funny pictures.

-Roxana: I use it to send funny pictures.

– Samantha: Crashlytics, MailChimp reamaze, stripe, codeship…

– Adam: And Adam loves it, his inbox isn’t bloated and he can easily keep tabs on everyone’s projects, Slack really has changed the way his team communicates and all this open efficient communication keeps his company happy, which makes Adam happy too