Customer Testimonial Video Script (119 words)

-Jaeyun Noh: Hi there, this is Jaeyun from Roomsy. I’m here in front of this guesthouse. I’m going to go inside and talk to the owner and see how he likes Roomsy.  Let’s go!

-Paul: Hi, my name is Paul.

-Jaeyun: Nice to meet you. Is that Roomsy on your computer screen?

– Paul: Yes!

-Jaeyun: You are busy!

-Paul: We have quite a lot of rooms for a guesthouse. Using channel manager with Roomsy made things convenient. Als, many confirmation email are sent to the guests (automatically) by Roomsy. This is very useful for me. I can see my sales on monthly and daily reports. I’ts nice to see how my business is doing.

-Jaeyun: Thank you!