Customer Testimonial Video Script (618 words)

The most exciting thing about retail today is the creativity you get to have in thinking about how to connect the digital in the physical world. And what’s that exciting place where it’s seamless.

The customer is the customer, they don’t care if they’re shopping in a store or the web or calling you on the phone, they are the same person. And it’s really important that you know that
we’re all about helping consumers, how to create a space that is enjoyable as a reflection of who they are.

And we’re doing that through the idea that the customer wants to feel like we know them all the way through the process.

You got 30,000 people on your site at any given time, then you got 30,000 different reasons why they’re there.

So how can we take all these visitors and make it relevant down to that one customer?

We want to help create the perfect home for you. And that’s different than the perfect home for someone else.

We’re not about being the biggest, but we want to be the best.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has allowed us to take that connection you have in a brick and mortar store and apply it to a digital world. And that’s just the magic. It’s super fun to do!

Every Monday morning, it’s predicting what we should deliver to our consumer based on their behavior.

All of the email programs are sent out by the Marketing Cloud, without us ever thinking about it.

That’s the beautiful thing about Salesforce. And we’re no longer saying, Hey, I’ll create a list, I’m going to send it to these people. We’re letting the data decide that for us.

Our entire database of customers and their purchasing decisions are being funneled into that. It’s just, it’s effortless.

Not only that, the predictive intelligence that we’re doing with our product recommendations is like our silent design associate.

tailoring our communications and our abilities to reach out to you based on what you’re doing at that moment.

Then that customer moves from our website to our store, and it’s a shared experience.
And that information is being used for the next customer that’s browsing those similar items.
So we’re getting a holistic view of the customers who bought that sofa and what they bought with it, which is why the recommendations are so good.

We’re actually introducing items to the customer they didn’t even think they
need it. And every day that machine learning is getting smarter.

Every day, we’re delighting our customer. It’s given us more opportunities and more ways to enhance and deeper the relationship with those customers in a very personal way.

The impact of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been a higher average order value
40% higher than the web, it’s 60% higher in the store.

The first day, people were buying things directly, and we’re like, what? They’re doing that?

They’re walking in the store already anticipating that we’re going to buy that sofa and the lamp. So they’re really completing that space.

The data just keeps getting better and better. And the results just keep getting better and better.
Our conversions are up like 600%

The numbers don’t lie. It’s a marketing tool we can’t do about

It’s almost unbelievable. This success is doing this [pointing upwards].

ROI is pushing 2,800%. 2,800%! I mean, that’s phenomenal.

It just works. It. Just. Works.

We wouldn’t be able to do any of that unless we had the Salesforce Marketing Cloud in place.

Although we want to monetize and have ROI on the more important piece to us is our customers are getting the best possible information.

We know, if you do the right thing, the sales come.