Customer Testimonial Video Script (470 words)

-Pranav Kumar. Hi I’m Pranav. I head CRM for OYO rooms. As you know OYO rooms is the largest player in the hospitality segment in Southeast Asia. Currently, we operate in more than 500 cities with more than 18,000 hotels under the whole umbrella. And, you know, as a hospitality company we understand how user experience and user engagement matters.

That’s why everything in OYO rooms is very heavily technology to a little bit even from consumer from product to our internal tools like management operations everything is technology.

-Pranav Kumar: Other large plans  already has been pioneering technology and in the hospitality domain the whole even for an example I will say, you know, even our product allows user to book a hotel room in just three tabs or within five seconds.

So this how our product is seamless, you know, and this has been enabled to strong back-end, to a strong CRM tools, strong processes in place. So for user experience and for user engagement we need right tools to deliver that and I think MoEngage has been able to drive that tool, and give us that platform where the user engagement has been as seamless as possible.

-Pranav Kumar: So we are using more engage as a campaign management tool for OYO. We have been leveraging their technology for delivering push notification through email campaigns, SMS campaigns.

We use these campaigns to engage users with their personalized recommendations of hotels, personal offers and MoEngage is a beautiful tool to use that delivery is one of the best in industry. Its ease of use is very high so campaign managers prefer it..

So our users engage the OYO on a lot of platforms and they interact over a lot of different channels, different platforms. And we have to keep users engaged on these platforms.

In that terms, MoEngage has helped us engage these users across channels, across different websites, different notifications, different email channels and I think one example would be our language campaigns that led to 8X augment of the revenue from these personalized campaigns and overall the engagement channels contributions are more than 10% of the revenue..

Because for all you it is important to be scalable because knowing yourself is gaining at a very high pace across geographies. It has support for different regional languages, support for different configuration in push notifications emails. So I think we are able to leverage that to this one point that we like in a second is a great product team, which is very agile in each one.

Whenever we ask some product features to get to from all sides they get it delivered in a quarter. And the third thing would be a great customer success team whenever we face an issue you know they work very hard to rectify this.