Customer Testimonial Video Script (197 words)

My name is Joey Soriano I’m head of lifecycle marketing at Opendoor. Opendoor is a marketplace model where we buy and sell homes of our private inventory and our goal is really to give people the freedom to move or sellers we want them to be able to unload their house at a fair competitive price and for buyers we want them to get the best possible price from a private inventory that we have.

Big challenges the lifecycle of a buyer or a seller is 7 years, I need to check signals and along the way for each person nurture them with the best possible outcome. If you’re a buyer but you’re not a serious buyer I’ll give you a light flow of information, if you’re a serious buyer will be incentive heavy.

Iterable has impacted our customer journey in terms of contribution to the business. On the seller side we have something called a repeat offer, so if you’ve asked for an offer it’s only a 5 day time validity it’ll expire, after that becomes a repeat offer. Depending on market almost 50% of our business comes from their repeat offer and the engine for that is Iterable.