Customer Testimonial Video Script (161 words)

-Julie Zhuo: I’m Julie Zhuo: I’m a design director at Facebook. I’ve been at Facebook for almost 10 years. So started when it was a college site. And now we try and provide a service to connect over a billion people.

I think every great company needs to have some level of paranoia, because I think at the point in which any company gets complacent that’s already kind of the recipe for failure. Technology is advancing so quickly, you know, we’re all using mobile devices now.

Three years ago, a lot of people were predicting that that wasn’t going to be the case. So I think that any company who doesn’t have an eye towards the future who isn’t thinking. We need to keep looking ahead, we need to not just assume that how things are today is what things will be in the future. That’s how you have to live in order to stay at the top and be innovative.