Customer Testimonial Video Script (455 words)

-Vanessa Porter: I pursued the Marketo certification for two reasons. First was personal. I’m an assistant day in and day out and I wanted to prove that I knew what I was doing. The second reason was to become a better marketer. They went through the certification process. I learned a ton about Marketo than I never knew.

Certification has enhanced my career tremendously. It’s given me the Street Cred in the marketing world being able to go through all that product communication understand what it actually means. Allows me to speak openly to my bosses as well as teach the people on my team that’s been a huge advantage. And it’s just helped my career tremendously. I got certified last year. I’m gonna keep getting recertified and I’m not gonna look back because it’s just helped my career so much.

-Josh Hill: Being certified has completely changed my career. Certification has allowed me to come into a project and have that backing that people know that I understand how Marketo works and I can come in and offer concrete advice that will help a company deliver their message at the right time.

It’s a must-have at this point if you want to become an administrator or advance your career. I’m even hiring it I’m going to be looking for certification.

-Caitlin Culbert:  I was new to marketing automation. I wanted to get Marketo certified early because I saw there was a need in the agency that I was joining. Getting that certification would help propel my career further and faster. I apply my certified knowledge on a day to day, we work with multiple customers so having the full gamut of knowledge from the certification helps me be able to dive into their solutions, issues, problems.

-Chris Francis: Studying for Marketo’s certification made me dive into areas of the tool that I don’t use on a day-to-day basis. And I realized that there were things we were missing and I was able to add those into my day-to-day.

-Jerel Allen: I was elated to find out that I got started to find. I hope that it would catapult my career and I’m able to inspire my peers and other people around me.

-Jeff Canada: I’ve made my career off of the skills that I’ve learned using Marketo. I’ve been certified since 2012. Being certified allows me to have that stamp of approval from Marketo. Makes me have to work a little bit harder and do something that’s a little bit outside of the  norm or outside of the box.

I would tell somebody who’s considering being Marketo certified to do it. It’s worth it, study up, take the test and and get that badge.