Customer Testimonial Video Script (369 words)

Puppet is a b2b software tech company. Puppet’s mission is to enable frictionless change with the software that powers everything around us.

I’m the Senior Marketing Operations Manager, I focus on making sure the right leads get the right reps at the right time. So we’ve used Marketo for the last 10 years and we continue to use Marketo because of its ease to  use.

Two years ago our sales teams resegmented and realigned with this target account model and marketing needed to figure out a way to support that. Puppet chose a company’s marketing as a strategic approach.

We’re using Marketo ABM to help segment a list of accounts and support our sales team. What are the great things about come face marketing is you get to choose who your customers are and figure out how do we message and create this personal experience for this individual customer making sure that our message is consistent in every channel no matter where they are.

By bringing on Marketo ABM we’re able to identify who our ideal customers are or could be and putting on the target accounts that are going to move the needle for Puppet.

We’re able to segment our account lists and take action on those lists making sure that we can target and identify who matches to those named accounts and change the type of content we give them based on what we know about the problems that the company’s trying to solve.

We’ve also paired Marketo ABM with web personalization with hundreds of accounts that we needed to support.

Over the last year we’ve seen an increased engagement with the leads that are associated with those target accounts of about 20 %.

We’ve increased our average deal size across opportunities across our entire org. and since a lot of the accounts that we’re targeting are much larger than our average accounts that we have as customers that is another key indicator that our ABM strategy is working.

The transition that Puppet has gone through has really focused and forced Puppet to think about not just any lead or individual that comes to our site but the accounts and customers that we interact on the day-to-day basis.