Customer Testimonial Video Script (265 words)

-Jochem Tham: The Carl Zeiss Meditec AG is a part of the Carl Zeiss AG which is a leader in optics, manufacturing everything from eyeglasses to optics for semiconductor and photography.

We’re trying to address our customers which is of time ophthalmologists, doctors and also surgeons globally.

If a doctor comes to our website or if he listens in to a webcast that’s really valuable for us and we want to make sure we track these some has really tiny signals.

Our challenge is to make sure that we use that time wisely and we address them with clinical relevant information.

So we needed a tool to engage at a very unthreatening level. Marketo really helped us to open up a meaningful communication to our doctors.

It’s especially important to really address the neurosurgeons globally, it’s a pretty small group of people I need to make sure that quickly we get exposure to these people.

We launched a new product into that field, we drove an online campaign, we’ve got at least one third of the global audience actually looking at our website and large number of the registering for the online launch of our new product, that’s a huge success.

We have about a hundred users globally using Marketo. The always challenge to localize the material into the local markets by Marketo trained people.

Marketo really has added a lot of value and also some change in our organization being aligned better with the sales organization and especially on a local level. We now have data, we’re building up the visibility within the organization.