Customer Testimonial Video Script (424 words)

-Sarah Bellamy: We try to have a little humanity on everything that we do and you see that in the products that we build in the way that we treat our employees and the environment that you find when you’re here so.

-Kevan Gammage: MailChimp offers do-it-yourself email services so about 9 million folks use us to create, send and monitor their email on communication to various lists for their organizations.

We send out about 200 billion emails a year, my team is comprised of folks who have been support agents, answering emails and chats but now because of their great work have transitioned over into Twitter, Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn etc.

-Sarah Bellamy: You know, I think that customers have discovered that they have a little bit more power on social media, because everyone else is watching I think it falls on companies to live up to that that new expectation and answer the challenges that people sometimes, you know, bring up in public on social media.

Because of HootSuite we are able to have a social supports team spread across overnight early morning, midday

-Kevan Gammage: On day to day basis we’re seeing a little bit of everything we tried to do our best to answer everything we can

-Maggie Blaha: My favorite things about using HootSuite are that you can leave notes when you’re resolving an assigning different tweets or Facebook posts to people we’re also liaisons with different departments so we’ll sometimes have to pass different social media posts on to different departments and leaving notes for them is really beneficial to our workflow.

Being able to create tags and use tags is another great thing about HootSuite that helps us keep organized able to track trends we’re able to keep track of how many times people tweet about mail camper cereal a day.

-Tara Davies: We get all kinds of different things we get general gripes, we get questions, freak out moments, love, we get it all.

The main thing we are going for is to not sound robotic at all, we really just want to give as much information as we can, you know, in a human tone

-Maggie Blaha: Like sometimes we’ll sit together for maybe 10 20 minutes trying to write 140 character tweet.

-Kevan Gammage: We definitely have a certain voice and tone that we need to maintain you know do it with a human touch.

-Maggie Blaha: To manage that much complexity and get requests to the right people for each answer would be impossible without a tool like HootSuite