Customer Testimonial Video Script (428 words)

-Rob Schoenbeck: I think Looker has helped us really scale and automate a lot of business processes.The best example might be this internal startup that we have that focuses on direct lending in the US.

They used to be all ad hoc sequel and dashboard reports, so now that they’re on Looker they’re able to automate things like their dispersal processes, the review processes, their fraud checks. So now that they’re on Looker they can just create a dashboard, create a scheduled report and they no longer have to go through this super manual process just to like take the pulse of what’s going on.

-Mathild Nathan: I deal with 12 different markets in many different time zones and we were not able really to serve them as we needed to. After Looker that was done automatically so everything is working a million times better now.

-Krishna Nandakumar: To be honest I probably had like a days induction and it was just thrown in the deep end almost by my own accord. I don’t think the tool takes very much time to learn. I think having a tool where you can explore data and I understand, you know, what is available, it’s amazing.

-Edward Kaznowski: Every single decision we make should be based on the data we have. So enabling a framework to get the right data to the right people is hugely important for any big decision we’re going to make and that’s why Looker is so useful.

-Julia Silge: Being able to access the Looker data via API bring it into our. I’m able to make the value of all of that data higher because I can integrate it all together, which is so great and valuable.

-Steven McMuIlen: It allows us to speak about the data in a shared language.

-Sean Bave: We just always have that single source of truth in terms of information when we open up the dashboard and it’s just streamlines data.

-Ana Barmett: Before Looker we put our SQL queries in spreadsheets and just pass those around. This was very inefficient, we had to spend lots of time on ad-hoc requests.

-Sarah Varki: So data is very important to get your grade because if you run a business that’s only based on opinion it’s up to luck of how successful you will be.

-Johannes Reck: Everyone in the organization know from recruiting all the way to sales to the product people are all using Looker on a daily basis.

-Sarah Varki: Looker definitely become a daily part of my life