Customer Testimonial Video Script (314 words)

-Max Baumann: Repsly is a sales management tool that helps you quickly view the accounts that each individual sales manager merchandisers visit and analyze  what’s been the key successes within that account.

Whether it’s new distribution within the account, displays pricing it does it all. My name is Max Baumann and I work for a company called the Chill Group Inc. I’m the founder and CEO. The founding belief in which Just Chill was born was the belief that you’re at your best when you’re calm and focused.

Everyone’s drinking these huge starbucks and these massive energy drinks. What if there was a drink to calm you down yet keep you focused. Before we started using Repsly we were constantly reviewing these amateur field notes and it was extremely monotonous to go through all excel, to go through different pictures, and really identify is that the right picture for the right account? is that not accurate?

Repsly is very easy to use. Once an account is set up you can quickly identify the account on the search function. Once you click it you get all the notes from your previous visits you can figure out exactly what you need to do on this next visit and do it! Simple!

When I first heard of Repsly from my friend I was a little bit reluctant to try it because it’s so difficult to implement a whole new field sales management system. So we did a pilot test. We took one rep, we put him on Repsly, we put him out in the field.

And we soon found that Repsly was leaps and bounds above that. And that we were going to ultimately gain more distribution and better merchandising from it. If you’re thinking about using a sales program that delivers on merchandising, street teams, in store sampling, look no further than Replsy. Simple as Repsly.