Customer Testimonial Video Script (208 words)

– Sarah: Let’s give some examples of conversational marketing that we’ve seen that really stand out, that are not ripping out your forums and putting a chatbot there.

– Sammi: Right, yeah! Let’s! So, if you go on social media and you follow a fast food company of all people, they’re doing conversational marketing exceptionally well.

– Sarah: It basically feels like your friend who’s really sassy and also passionate about food, is tweeting about being sassy and passionate about food.

– Sammi: Exactly, it feels like I’m following an influencer not a McDonald’s or a Wendy’s.

– Sarah: Right.

– Sammi: And it’s so engaging, because a conversation that Wendy’s has with a Wendy’s fast food consumer. I’m consuming, I’m enjoying their interaction and in turn, I’m a fan of Wendy’s (laughs).

-Sammi: Okay, Sarah,

-Sammi: Wendy’s recently dropped a mixtape called We Beefin?  and it’s roasting one of their competitors and it went viral. When you look at it from a marketing approach, they started on Twitter and now this mixtape is on Spotify, and now, I have Wendy’s in so many of my channels that a fast food company typically wouldn’t be in unless they had started this conversational marketing approach.

– Sarah: Right, for sure.