Customer Testimonial Video Script (457 words)

QuizUp is arguably the largest trivia game in the world with over 40 million users. It is in fact not just a trivia game, it is a social network designed to connect people through their shared interests.

We now have over 70,000 topics, each with their own community where people can communicate, get to know each other, talk about their common interests. As expected, this generates a large volume of data and I believe we’re now sending about 4 billion events per month to Amplitude.

– Joe Evald: because we’re building a social game, how people retain in the app is critical to our success.

One of Amplitude’s most unique features is the new growth discovery engine, it’s a really powerful tool to really dig into what drives retention and we use that to hone in on early success metrics, leading indicators into as to what causes a user to retain and that’s not something I have not seen in any other tool.

So one of the things we found at QuizUp is that how people leverage our social features is a great indicator of how well they retain in our app. Using Amplitude we were able to properly quantify that.

New users that use QuizUp social features within the first seven days have as much as 60% higher retention than other users and building on that insight, we have improved our onboarding procedures to encourage users to leverage social features within their first week of use.

“Creating A Data-Informed Culture At QuizUp”

Our needs for analytics have grown substantially since we launched the game in 2013. Some of the things that we think are crucial are easy-to-use tools so that everybody at the company can actually get at data without having to request it from the analytics team.

Almost every team at the company uses Amplitude to some extent, so our product managers use it a lot but even our community managers are C-level executives who use amplitude to get a sense of how the community is growing and even dig into metrics that are specifically relevant to them.

What initially drew us to Amplitude was the ability to get at the Raw Data through Redshift but we also found that our everyday users, our non-data scientists users can actually leverage Amplitude as well and get a deeper answer, deeper questions than they would be able to do with our other tools.

Also, we really enjoy using the cohorting tools, that’s something that I have not seen in any any other tool that we have looked at and we leverage that a lot at QuizUp.

I would happily recommend Amplitude. Amplitude is very powerful, yet accessible analytics tool that has scaled well and grown well with us as a business.